Gallic Wars – Units

It’s always better to work smart than to work hard 😀

At this point the game has 6 types of units. All have their own animations and textures (with some overlap). To make them appear different and organic they also have different looking equipment and accessories.

To limit the amount of work on creating units in the game I hacked a couple of things. 

Creating separate models with animations and textures seemed unreasonable – they look pretty similar. So I created one model with 22 animations, 2 base textures (Gallic and Roman) and a couple of overlay textures.

This way I have only one blender file, so resources are not wasted and every change in the exported file I have to make – I make once.

Accessories, equipment and materials are not a part of base mesh – they are randomised and instantiated at runtime. 

And for final effect units are slightly scaled, so they don’t look like clones.